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GJ Cabarets have over 30 different routines complete with stunning costumes. The performers are reknown for their 'Quick Costume Change shows' where the dancers wow the audience with their eclectic mix of dance genres and speedy change of outfits!


Choose from the dances below (the most popular are listed) or select a specific theme. Our show lengths and amount of performers vary depending on your requirements.


Speak to us to find out about our full repertoire, or come up with a song choice of your own!


We will provide you with a bespoke show that will make your party, event or function unforgettable.

Please let us know what you require and we can make it happen!


‘40’s/50’s pin up burlesque routine full of cute naivety and perfectly choreographed steps. A winning opening to a show complete with sailor outfits and a cheeky smile!'


Michael Jackson

'Classic Michael Jackson moves with a showgirl edge. A medley of the Kings biggest hits teamed with the iconic hat and sparkly glove, and there may even be a little bit of moonwalking thrown in!'



'Bringing the Rock and Roll era back to life. Think energetic jive and swing inspired moves along to this fantastic Grease hit. A perfect number to get the audience on their feet and joining in with The GJ's'



'Taking Michael Flatley's intricate footwork, mixing it with vibrant costumes and famous riverdance music and you have a fantastic guaranteed crowd pleaser. The dancers will wow you with this dynamic Irish dance. Their fast taps and clever choreography -will mean the audience won't be able to stop themselves from clapping along.'



'A commercial dance number. More current choreography with a Pop video flavour. See the girls bring out their cooler side!'


All that Jazz/Move On

'Medley of two hit song from the West End show Chicago. A fusion of choreography inspired by the great Bob Fosse and classic Charleston steps. Teamed with some fabulous roaring 20's traditional outfits. A great number to sing along to.'


Feeling Good

'A sexy blues inspired classic. Teamed with long dresses and gloves the girls ooze sophistication and class'



'Cleverly combining ballet and contempory this Katy Perry number captures the audiences imagination'


Skinny Love

'Recently made famous by Birdy this dance blends lyrical, contemporary and classical ballet steps to create a beautiful and moving piece.'



Ompa Lumpa Show

'A short fun filled performance formed of a medley of traditional tunes from the hit films, alongside other chocolate and sweet themed songs. A perfect show to bring a fancy dress party to life as Wonka and his orange faced Ompa Lumpas can be available for photos and interaction time as well as the performance.'



Contact us for our full Repertoire which includes other dance genres such as Spanish, Ballet, Line Dancing, Latin and 70's Disco and Motown














"Top Hats & Tassels"

A fusion of broadway hits and risque Burlesque routines. Please visit our Top Hats & Tassels facebook page for more information on our Broadway to Burlesque cabaret show


Capturing the style of the Great Gatsby , featuring 1920's Charleston, 40s and 50s pin ups and the famous French Cancan


Think all things Vegas! Glamour, feathers and sequins, available for Meet & Greetas well as performances. Featuring numbers such as Copacabana and Viva Las Vegas.

"Around the World"

GJ Cabarets capture the essence of Ireland with their fantasic Irish routines, they also add a splash of Salsa and Scottish before taking you on a breathtaking Flamenco journey. You can also including the French Cancan and other french themed routines.

"Through the Decades"

An exciting journey from the roaring 20's Charleston, 1950's Rock n Roll, the Swinging 60's 'Groovy baby!' and the Disco era.


Themed Show Examples

Song Choice Examples


Please note that other themes such as Disney characters/princesses/pirates or other children friendly shows can be catered for.

We also can supplement our dance shows with top Vocalists.

Contact us today for more details & a free quotation

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